PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store

PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store
The PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store course is designed to teach beginners how to create a fully functional ecommerce store using PHP. Throughout the course, students will learn the fundamentals of PHP programming, including how to create and manipulate variables, arrays, and loops.
They will also learn how to integrate PHP with HTML and CSS to create dynamic and responsive web pages. By the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create their own ecommerce store, complete with a shopping cart, checkout system, and user registration and login features. This course is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in learning PHP programming and wants to create a real-world project that demonstrates their skills.

PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store Course Description

PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store

Ready for a fantastic journey with me?? In this course and in under 9 hours, you are going to learn how to build an amazing e-commerce web app. It’s a pretty decent size project. We are going to get going first by setting up the database and I already prepared the design with bootstrap for us. After this, we are going to display the products neatly and dynamically and we going to build the most challenging part of this project which is the cart. In the cart, there are going to be a lot of details like adding products updating and deleting from the cart, and showing the number of products in it and that’s all going to be done without refreshing the page with Ajax-JQuery of course. And after all of this, we are simply going to process the payment with stripe and we are going to checkout and place orders finally. At the end of this whole process, we are going to give users the products that they paid for. This is the main function of this web app. Surely there is going to be an authentication system, a category system, and more on the users’ side.

There is also a cool and very practical admin panel, where we are going to handle general functions about our user’s side. So, in the admin panel, we are going to create admins and allow them to log in, create and manage categories, and show them. and we are going to fully handle products. There is a lot more to talk about. There are a lot of details, password hashing, and validations to go ahead and talk about. So, if this looks like something you are interested in, get the course now. See you inside.

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PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store
Create Professional (E-Book) Ecommerce Store with Payment and Admin Panel in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO
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