PostgreSQL Databases & Python

PostgreSQL Databases & Python

PostgreSQL Databases & Python udemy course free

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PostgreSQL Databases & Python Description

In this class you will learn how to install and use PostgreSQL databases, SQL commands, how to host an interactive website on the cloud with a PostgreSQL database. We provide a small example website with user interaction hosted on the cloud using PostgreSQL , PHP and HTML : we show how to configure your Webserver for PostgreSQL. The last part is about python and PostgreSQL interfacing for more advanced usage of PostgreSQL databases

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner database engineers or web devellopers.
  • Anyone who wants to build his own interactive website

What you’ll learn

  • PostgreSQL
  • Python-Psycopg2
  • How to build and host an interactive website on digital ocean with a PostgreSQL database


  • Linux command line
PostgreSQL Databases & Python
The All in One PostgreSQL Class
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