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Power System Protection Fundamentals – Series2

Power System Protection Fundamentals – Series2

What you’ll learn

  • Analyze different faults in Power System
  • Build strong concept on sequence current and voltage quantities
  • Learn how to hand calculate the current and voltage quantities for various fault
  • How to analyze faults from high and low voltage side of the transformer
  • Analyze practical fault event
  • Learn how to find direction of power flowing
  • Find out system phase rotation by voltage waveforms
  • Learn how to find which type of fault occurred
  • Unlock ways to identify the correct operation of relay as expected
  • Learn about sequence components in various faults
  • How the sequence network diagrams are derived


  • Basic Electrical Engineering


When we think about the operation, construction and components used in Power System. The most important factor which may lead to sever damage when neglected is the protection of Power System. Power System protection is the most essential and crucial study of Electrical Power System which deals the different schemes for power system protection. This course aims to teach you all the fundamentals of Power System Protection in much detail.

This is Part 2 of Power System Protection Fundamentals series. In this part, we will analyze the effects of all types of faults in power system along with the easy hands-on calculations. To develop your strong concept on fault analysis, we will discuss how faults can be identified by analyzing waveforms. In the previous part, we discussed the most tedious and complex theory of symmetrical components that are found in different types of faults. We also covered the requirements needed to design protective devices and the applications of these devices through a schematic diagram.

I have been creating high quality video tutorials about Power System since 2015 and focus specifically on the fundamentals. It is dedicated to the people who make power and energy work and make sure that Power Systems are safe, reliable, operable, protected and well designed. But it takes time and money to continue delivering high quality video tutorials. My goal is incredibly simple. I want to make Power Systems Intuitive, Open and Free to everyone, everywhere. Your purchase will allow me to keep making valuable technical videos free for those who can’t afford it and keep the doors of knowledge open to everyone. Thank you for supporting me.

See you on the other side. Thank you and take care.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Electrical Engineering students who have keen interest in Power System Protection. This course is also useful for qualified electricians, professional engineers, EITs, drafters, equipment reps, suppliers, and distributors who want to refresh their knowledge on Power System Protection.
Power System Protection Fundamentals - Series2
This course aims to teach you all the fundamentals of Power System Protection in much detail.
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