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Practical Stoicism for Everyday life & Personal Growth

Practical Stoicism for Everyday life & Personal Growth

What you’ll learn

  • How to apply Marcus Aurelius’ meditations in life using practical frameworks
  • Integrity, Discover Values, Develop Character, Understand nature of existence, understand emotions, develop consciousness, develop rational thinking
  • Psychological frameworks to implement meditations by marcus aurelius
  • Self help theories related to meditatons by marcus aurelius
  • Meditations is a near random collection of thoughts across 12 notebooks – this course distills the key repeating themes


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Practical Exercises to implement stoic lessons from the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius by cross-referencing with other great ideas and tools

About Instructor:

Aman Varma has undergone accredited course training in CBT practitioner, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Practitioner, NLP Specialist Practitioner, Diploma in Psychological Counseling and Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

With this course, I intend to share with you some techniques & frameworks that will facilitate you to apply the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius in your life. For example, Marcus says that a man should live a life of Integrity. He does not share any method to help readers develop integrity because this book was not written with an intention to publish it or help others. This book is simply his journal where he processed his thoughts for himself. This book is his personal diary and because of that you will get a lot of great advice but you won’t know how to implement that advice in your life. Then I show you how to develop integrity using scientific methods shared by industry leaders in the field of personal development and psychology.

So, I think of this course as an extension to the book which gives you exercises to implement that advice in your life effortlessly.

I want to repeat again, that this course does not teach philosophy. It simply facilitates you with a lot of personal development concepts and strategies which will help you understand this book in much more depth and be able to implement the advice in your actions.

In my experience, I have observed many people finding it difficult to act on any kind of philosophy. They get stuck in consuming information passively and fail to implement them to see real results in life. People also prefer some kind of exercise, structure and frameworks that simplify these philosophies. So this course is an action plan to implement what Marcus Aurelius is reminding himself of.

Who this course is for:

  • Philosophy Students
  • Books Readers
  • Someone interested in personal growth
Practical Stoicism for Everyday life & Personal Growth
Scientifc theories and exercises to implement meditations of Marcus Aurelius and achieve personal growth
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