Practise Javascript in 2023 : Code a Card Game in Phaser 3

Practise Javascript in 2023 : Code a Card Game in Phaser 3

The “Practice Javascript in 2023: Code a Card Game in Phaser 3” course is an excellent option for those seeking to improve their JavaScript skills while working on a fun and exciting project. This course provides comprehensive training on using the Phaser 3 framework to create a card game, allowing students to apply their newly acquired knowledge of JavaScript to practical use.

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The curriculum covers topics such as game development fundamentals, game design and animation, and game testing, providing students with the necessary tools to build professional-quality games. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, students will gain practical experience working with JavaScript and the Phaser 3 framework, enabling them to create engaging and dynamic games.

By the end of this course, students will have developed a deep understanding of JavaScript and be able to apply their knowledge to develop more complex web applications.

Practise Javascript in 2023 : Code a Card Game in Phaser 3 Description

If you need to practise your javascript…

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If you want to learn some new ES6 stuff…

If you have ever wanted to create a card game…

Then this course is for you!

You will get experience using:

  • ES6
  • Classes
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Phaser 3
  • Figma
  • Bitmap Fonts (BMFont)

Card games are a great way to learn some javascript and phaser fundamentals.

The game includes:

  • Dragging and dropping
  • Tweening
  • Importing graphics and fonts
  • Buttons

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have all you need to take this course! You don’t need any expensive software and you certainly don’t need any drawing or musical ability since all assets are provided. Of course if you want to use your own art and music… you can!

In less than 10 minutes you will be up and running, creating your very own card game!

You will then go on to create the full game with awesome graphics and a really unique RPG / card gameplay.

There is even a section on creating your own card designs in Figma!

Once you have created your game, it can be used as part of your resume or portfolio and will really make you stand out since it’s not another boring ‘To Do List’!

Full source code is included.

So why not practise JavaScript the fun way and code a card game!

I hope you enjoy the course!

Practise Javascript in 2023 : Code a Card Game in Phaser 3
Covers ES6, Classes, Arrays, Objects, Functions, Phaser 3 and more!
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