Prepare & give presentations like a McKinsey/BCG consultant

Prepare & give presentations like a McKinsey/BCG consultant

What you’ll learn

  • Structure your presentation using storylines and impactful slide titles
  • Show data and insights meaningfully on a slide using best practices
  • Leverage stunning visuals to impress your audience
  • Communicate like a professional consultant when presenting


  • Recommended to have basic knowledge of PowerPoint (but not required)


Why do CEOs pay consultancies hundreds of thousands to make a few slides and give a few presentations?

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Besides performing in-depth analysis, consultants synthesize hundreds of hours of research into a structured, compelling presentation that fits within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Would you like to bring this level of professionalism and polish to all your presentations at work?

This course gives you the secrets used by top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey and BCG to present to CEOs and other senior clients. It is based on the first-hand experience of two consultants (ex-McKinsey and ex-BCG). Together, we have consolidated our experiences into one easy-to-follow course. This is a concise, to-the-point course summarizes for you the most important best practices for preparing and giving a presentation, alongside visual examples of good versus bad presentations.

Equipped wtih these tips, you will stand out from colleagues, impress your stakeholders, and set yourself up for success in your role. This is applicable for anyone who needs to give a presentation, including students, potential consultants, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Strategy and Corporate development roles (and many more!).

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By the end of the course, you will understand:

  1. How to structure a presentation
  2. How to design slides to share quantitative and qualitative ideas
  3. How to present confidently and professionally

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who may need to give a presentation (consultants, business analysts, corporate strategy, project managers, and more)
Prepare & give presentations like a McKinsey/BCG consultant
McKinsey and BCG best practices for storylining, slide writing, slide design, and communication
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