Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch

Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch

The Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch course is an excellent course for individuals looking to learn how to build financial models for project finance. This course covers everything from the basics of project finance and financial modeling to advanced topics such as debt structuring, cash flow analysis, and sensitivity analysis. With hands-on tutorials, real-world projects, and personalized feedback, this course provides a practical learning experience that allows students to build their own financial models from scratch.

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Students will learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create complex financial models, analyze cash flows, and assess financial risks. By the end of the course, students will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of project finance and build accurate financial models for any type of project.

Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch Description

Whatever your educational or professional background—engineering, finance, or law—it can be difficult to break into the competitive field of infrastructure project finance and public-private partnerships (PPPs). A lack of technical knowledge and basic abilities may hinder your chances of getting your ideal career and breaking into the industry, and it all starts with the interview.

We can relate to your anguish since we have experienced it firsthand. Motivated by a desire to see young professionals succeed, we developed this curriculum to help them navigate this challenge. The focus of this course is more specifically towards financial modeling in Excel for project finance.

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This is not your typical course; instead, it is the result of thousands of hours of research, teaching, and practice in the classroom, workplace, and interview rooms. We have extensive experience in the project financing industry, gained while working for a variety of companies, and would be pleased to share it with you.

All the insider knowledge you’d normally have to pay thousands of dollars for in a company training session is included in this course.

The project finance sector is cumbersome & complicated from a distance; however, this course will draw you closer to understanding how you can make the sector a haven for you.

Project Finance & Excel: Build Financial Models from Scratch
Learn how to build a complete project finance model in Excel from absolute scratch!
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