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Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science

What you’ll learn

  • Explain machine learning and its technologies
  • Discuss and apply Python fundamentals
  • Understand the NumPy package
  • Use data analysis using Pandas and data visualization
  • Implement supervised (regression and classification) & unsupervised (clustering) machine learning
  • Use various analysis and visualization tools associated with Python, such as Matplotlib, Seaborn etc.
  • Describe the behavior of data in Python models
  • Understand how to use the various Python libraries to manipulate data, like Numpy, Pandas and Scikit-Learn
  • Use Python libraries and work on data manipulation, data preparation and data explorations


  • Basic Python knowledge is assumed
  • Some software development experience (including languages, databases…)


This course is an foundational introduction to Python and how to apply it in data science.  The course contains about 60 lectures and 7.5 hours of content taught by Praba Santanakrishnan, a highly experienced data scientist and former senior data science and AI expert veteran at Microsoft.

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Starting with some fundamentals about “what is data science,” and “who is a data scientist,” the program rapidly move into the specific challenges of data science. This includes the challenges of:

  • Problem definitions and collecting data
  • Data science methodologies
  • Types of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning, as well as methodologies and clustering
  • Data pipelines
  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • Data analytics and open source tools
  • Data model building validation
  • Data visualization
  • NumPy, Pandas, Python Notebook, Git, REPL, IDS and Jupyter Notebook.
  • Arrays, advanced arrays, and matrices
  • Other various data science applications

More about this course and Starweaver

This course is led by a seasoned technology industry practitioner and executive with many years of hands-on, in-the-trenches data science, artificial intelligence and data analytics work. It has been designed, produced and delivered by Starweaver. Starweaver is one of the most highly regarded, well-established training providers in the World, providing training courses to many of the leading financial institutions and technology companies, including:

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Happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • New Python developers looking to quickly develop and keen understanding of the power of Python
  • Early stage users of Python who need to use Python in serious, enterprise level applications
  • Individuals who are familiar with data science and need to understand the optimal uses for Python
Python for Data Science
An introductory to intermediate level program in Python, and how to apply it in data science
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