R programming for beginners

R programming for beginners

What you’ll learn

  • Installation of R and RStudio
  • Create and manipulate variables
  • Learn about Data structures
  • Create vectors,factor,matrices,array and list
  • Understand about Control structures
  • Learn about dataframe
  • Learn about Functions,Importing and exporting data in csv and excel
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualization – Scatter plot, Bar plot, Line graph, Box plot, Histogram


  • No programming experience required. We have covered from basics


This R programming course is for complete beginners. If you are a college graduate or Business Analyst or someone who wants to kick start in R programming then you are at right place. This course is specifically designed for beginners.

All the concepts are discussed in detail and practical examples are completed in live classes. Enough practice exercise is provided to practice.

Learning for all. Online courses from $12.99

You will start with installation of R and RStudio. You will learn about basic operations in R, Variables, loops, data structures. How to manipulate and work with different data structures. You will also learn about basic statistics required to perform well in Data science projects.

Work with data frames. Import and Export data in CSV and excel format and Visualize your data. All the videos are designed in such a way that a beginner will easily understand. Enough practice exercises are provided to practice  and learn. Resources are provided to learn about R programming in detail.

What you will learn :

  • R and RStudio installation
  • Basic Operations
  • Conditions and Symbols in R
  • Variable and Data types
  • Data Structures
  • Vectors
  • Factors
  • Matrix
  • Array
  • List
  • Data frame
  • Recycling Rule in R
  • Control structures
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualization

At the end of the course you will be able to use R to perform analysis on your data sets.

This course will be regularly updated and new contents will be added on regular basis.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in R programming
  • College freshers
  • Someone who wants to kick start career in IT
R programming for beginners
Learn about R programming in detail
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