Real Ethical Hacking in 30 Hours | Certificated CSEH+ 2023

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Masterclass | CSEH+ 2022

The Learn Ethical Hacking in 10 Hours course (Certificated CSEH+ 2023) is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who want to learn about the fundamentals of ethical hacking. The course covers a wide range of topics, including reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, network security, vulnerability assessment, web application security, and social engineering.

Participants will learn how to use various tools and techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks, as well as how to implement effective countermeasures to prevent attacks. The course is designed to be hands-on, with practical exercises and scenarios that allow participants to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

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By the end of the course, participants will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct ethical hacking operations and to protect against cyber threats.

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Masterclass | CSEH+ 2023 Course Description

Ethical hacking is the identification and exploitation of security vulnerabilities for the purpose of improving an organisation’s cyber security. Ethical hacking helps organizations improve their security status by uncovering exposures that are beneath the surface and providing support to address them.

An ethical hacker, also commonly referred to as a white hat hacker, is a cyber security professional entrusted to perform ethical hacking assessments. Certified ethical hackers possess a comprehensive understanding of the tactics and techniques that malicious ‘black hat’ attackers use and leverage this knowledge to ensure that ethical hacking assessments accurately reflect real-life adversarial approaches.

The term ethical hacking is used to describe a broad range of assessment types. From penetration tests performed over a matter of days, to red team operations conducted over weeks and months, ethical hacking engagements vary significantly in scope, duration and price.

Although ethical hacking is sometimes used interchangeably with penetration testing, there are some important differences.

Ethical hackers may get involved in tactics beyond penetration testing. For example, they might choose to test defenses against social engineering techniques by encouraging employees to reveal sensitive business data or log-in credentials.

On the other hand, penetration testing is focused solely on assessing one or a few network vulnerabilities that organizations may have.

Ethical hackers can be independent freelance consultants, employed by a firm that specializes in simulated offensive cybersecurity services, or they can be an in-house employee protecting a company’s website or apps. Knowledge of current attack methods and tools is a requirement across these employment options, however, the in-house ethical hacker may be required to have an intimate knowledge of only a single software or digital asset type.

Real Ethical Hacking in 30 Hours | Certificated CSEH+ 2023
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