RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)

RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)

What you’ll learn

  • Building back-end servers using NodeJS by exposing RESTful APIs
  • Integrate Flutter applications with NodeJS
  • Learn and master RESTful APIs by using ExpressJS
  • Learn MongoDB and its advanced features
  • Access course materials and code examples for free


  • JavaScript
  • Interested in Flutter with NodeJS Integration


Building a RESTful API server is one of a must experience in any backend software engineer, master it with NodeJS using Express server, integrate it with flutter, persist your data into MongoDB and learn how to do use pipelines.

You will learn how to structure your code well in a professional manner either flutter or NodeJS app.

Who this course is for:

  • NodeJS Developer
  • Anyone who understands JavaScript
  • Flutter Developers
RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)
Build your own RESTful API Server in NodeJS & RESful API Client in Flutter
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