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RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)

RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)

What you’ll learn

  • Building back-end servers using NodeJS by exposing RESTful APIs
  • Integrate Flutter applications with NodeJS
  • Learn and master RESTful APIs by using ExpressJS
  • Learn MongoDB and its advanced features
  • Access course materials and code examples for free


  • JavaScript
  • Interested in Flutter with NodeJS Integration


Building a RESTful API server is one of a must experience in any backend software engineer, master it with NodeJS using Express server, integrate it with flutter, persist your data into MongoDB and learn how to do use pipelines.

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You will learn how to structure your code well in a professional manner either flutter or NodeJS app.

Who this course is for:

  • NodeJS Developer
  • Anyone who understands JavaScript
  • Flutter Developers
RESTful API Server in Nodejs (Arabic)
Build your own RESTful API Server in NodeJS & RESful API Client in Flutter
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