Season 1: Database, SQL Server, T-SQL [New videos weekly]

Season 1: Database, SQL Server, T-SQL [New videos weekly]

What you’ll learn

  • Familiarise with what, how, and why of SQL Server
  • Setting up SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio for continuous learning
  • Getting introduced to Transaction SQL
  • SQL Basics through curated examples on Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation, and Select Queries
  • Deep Dive into SQL queries and Utilities
  • Learning has to be a continuous process


  • Interest to learn
  • Taking the first step towards blocking time and getting started
  • Open to practice, increase repetitions. Since difficult is something we don’t do often
  • Internet, and a Personal Computer/Laptop


This course introduces concepts around SQL Server, uses of SQL Server Management Studio and intends to get you familiar with applications of Transact-SQL. Consider this as your first Season amongst the many to follow, leading a path to Database, SQL, Reporting, Automation, Data Engineering, and Data Science.

Make the most out of this course by making sure you time block learning sessions into your daily routine. Additionally do not forget to share feedback and drop a message in case you feel there are any areas of improvement within the course curriculum.

The design of the courses is such that, it’s been partitioned into Seasons, this being the first of multiple to follow. The first Season focuses on breaking the barriers and forming a solid foundation on the concepts of SQL Server. We start right from basics of installing an instance in our local computer, and then moving on to introducing SQL Server Management Studio.

We will mostly use SSMS throughout this course. As we move ahead we will dissect what is SQL and Transact-SQL, what the basic types of statements viz. Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Select. From basics to just about all the practical examples that you need to follow, to start your journey into the data ecosystem.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who wishes to gets introduced to the world of organized data
  • Interest to start from basics and develop interest towards SQL development, Database Design, Data Engineering, Data Science, Azure Solutions, AI ML Deep learning
  • Data Engineer enthusiasts, who wish to start their journey ground up
Season 1: Database, SQL Server, T-SQL [New videos weekly]
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