Sound Design and Music Composition with Wags

What you’ll learn

  • Make beats, loops, and synths online
  • Structure musical compositions using functional programming
  • Generate music algorithmically
  • Create effects chains using filters, delays and reverb


  • It’s helpful if you’ve made music on a computer before using a tool like Logic, Ableton, or SuperCollider
  • It’s helpful if you have programmed before, although the course provides working examples that you play immediately and edit


In this course, you’ll learn how to make loops, effects, synths, drones and full compositions using Wagpad, an online digital audio workstation powered by PureScript wags.

If you’re a musician and you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of digital music creation, this course is a must. You’ll explore musical textures and forms that are impractical or impossible with tools like Logic or Ableton. My hope is that this course opens up a new chapter in your journey as a musician. By the end, you’ll be making and sharing sounds that you simply would not have made before.

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The course will start with an intro to wags, followed by some simple examples where we create loops. It will move on to more complex sequences and effects like filters and delays. We’ll also look into drones and synthesizers, and I’ll share some advanced examples made using wags.

The ideal student is a musician that’s not afraid to try something new. You don’t need to be an expert coder to take this course: even though there’s lots of code, all of the examples are meant to be copied and pasted and discovered at your own pace. By the end, through dissecting and recreating the examples, you’ll have a powerful new toolset for creating sound.

Thanks a lot for checking out the course, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the first lesson, where we’ll make our first loop using wags.

Who this course is for:

  • DJs that want to expand the vocabulary of their live sets
  • Composers and songwriters that want to explore a new way to write and edit music
  • Producers that would like to add novel effects
  • Keyboardists and other musicians using MIDI instruments that would like to create and share synths online
Sound Design and Music Composition with Wags
Make Music Online using PureScript Wags
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