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Spark and Hadoop Practice Tests (Formerly CCA 175 Tests)

Spark and Hadoop Practice Tests (Formerly CCA 175 Tests)

What you’ll learn

  • Self Evaluation for CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • Practice with exam type scenarios in a simulated environment (free access for a day)
  • Perform end to end tasks similar to projects
  • Brush up required skills for CCA 175 in the areas of Sqoop, Hive, HDFS Commands and Spark.


  • Proficient in CCA 175 Curriculum
  • Programming using Scala or Python
  • In depth knowledge of Sqoop and Hive
  • Ability to develop programs using Spark Core APIs, Data Frames as well as Spark Structured Streaming


CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer is scenario based exam. You will be provided with Remote Desktop based on Linux and tasks for which you have to come up with solutions.

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Following are the areas you should be focusing on before giving the exam:

  • Required Skills – Sqoop, Hive and Hive QL, Spark 1.6 or Spark 2.3
  • Ability to navigate through documentation with out googling around
  • Programming using Scala or Python
  • HDFS Commands to validate the results
  • Ability to use editors like Sublime Text and Linux Terminal to save the time
  • Be comfortable with Linux based Remote Desktop

At ITVersity, we have the track record of helping thousands of students clearing CCA 175 Certification. However, on popular demand we have decided to provide you practice tests and as well as tools to make your self comfortable with exam environment.

What you will learn?

As part of this course, we will be focusing on

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  • Refreshing important commands to validate results
  • Ability to get properties using command line tools
  • Practice Test exclusive to Hive and Sqoop
  • Practice Test exclusive to Spark
  • Mock Test with Sqoop, Hive and Spark
  • Total 25+ questions of examination standard

Note: Our tools will only enhance your confidence to take the exam. This does not guarantee that you will be able to pass the exam. Also the questions are not examination dumps and don’t take it as complete set of scenarios which you might be getting as part of the exam.

Who this course is for:

  • CCA 175 Aspirants who want to self evaluate the skills for CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • Data Engineers or Big Data Developers who want to practice different types of standard scenarios
Spark and Hadoop Practice Tests (Formerly CCA 175 Tests)
Do you want to evaluate yourself about your abilities related to Spark using simulated real world scenarios?
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