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Startup Fundraising Master course – Raise Venture Capital

Startup Fundraising Master course - Raise Venture Capital

What you’ll learn

  • How to make a startup pitch deck
  • How to find the right Investor for your business
  • How to deliver a winning Pitch Presentation to Investors
  • Understand the types of Venture Capital and Angel Investors
  • What should you know about deal structures and the investment process?
  • basic introduction about grant writing
  • How to Manage the Investment Process
  • How to Understand Venture Capital Term Sheets and how to negotiate them
  • Everything about Vesting and Cliff in a startup
  • Understanding Pre-Money and Post Money Valuation for your startup
  • How to bootstrap your Startup initially
  • Legal Structure in the Startup
  • how investment banking work with fundraising
  • how to write proposal to investor for fundraising
  • how a non profit or NGO can also raise the capital


  • A determination to succeed despite the odds!


Are you looking for fundraising for your startup?
Do you know how to make a pitch deck and attract venture capital for your business?

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Then this is the RIGHT class for you.

Startup Fundraising Master course will help you navigate through the complete fundraising process for tech and non-tech startups. We will cover topics like business model, building Minimum Viable Product, Making Pitch deck for your startup, understanding investors funding strategy.

1. Introduction to Startup Basics

  • Course Overview
  • Startup Road Map
  • Building MVP for your Startup
  • Product execution road map
  • 5 reasons why startups fail
  • Types of Startup

2. Understanding Startup Business Model

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  • Business model overview
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Introduction to platform business
  • Uber business model
  • Amazon business model

3. Legal Structure in the Startup

  • Origin of a startup
  • Sole proprietorship for Small Business
  • Partnership firm for medium business
  • Corporation Legal Structure for the Startup

4. Fundraising for Startup

  • Startup Funding Basics
  • Startup Funding Source
  • Startup ownership and equity
  • Bootstrapping your Startup
  • How to get the best out of Bootstrapping

5. Startup Pitch deck

  • Types of Investor in a Startup
  • The inflection point in a startup
  • Common Mistakes with the Inflection point
  • Incubator and Accelerators for startup
  • Angel Investor and Venture capitalist for Startup
  • How does Venture capital look for ROI in startups?

6. Vesting and Cliff in a Startup

  • Vesting and Cliff for startup
  • Vesting Spread and types of vesting
  • Pre Money and Post Money Valuation
  • Startup stock distribution

7. Stocks/shares in a Startup

  • Common vs Preferred stock
  • Convertible note
  • SAFE vs Convertible Note in a startup

8. Understanding Startup Valuation

  • Startup valuation basics
  • Startup taxonomy
  • Types of Startup Valuation
  • Berkus Method for pre-revenue startup
  • Risk factor summation method for valuation
  • Scorecard Valuation Method
  • Comparable transaction method
  • First Chicago valuation technique

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who is looking for fundraising
  • solopreneurs who wanted to raise VC capital
  • Startup founders who is planning for fundraising
  • Business owners who wanted to make it big
  • MBA graduate who wanted to startup
Startup Fundraising Master course - Raise Venture Capital
Understand the complete process from pitching to Angels investor to Raising Venture Capital Funding
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