The Anonymity Course For Beginners

The Anonymity Course For Beginners

“The Anonymity Course For Beginners” is a comprehensive course designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain their privacy and anonymity in the digital world.

The course covers various topics such as using virtual private networks (VPNs), Tor, and encrypted messaging apps to protect one’s identity and online activities from being tracked or monitored. Additionally, students will learn about the potential risks associated with using the internet without anonymity and how to mitigate those risks.

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This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to stay safe and secure online, whether for personal or professional reasons.

The Anonymity Course For Beginners Course Description

The Anonymity Course For Beginners

Anonymity, the basic definition of this term is “being without a name.” Simply understood someone is anonymous if his/her identity is not known. It’s not always true not all the hackers keep themselves anonymous. There are basically two types of hackers:

1 Black Hat/Unethical Hackers

2 Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers don’t really keep themselves anonymous even they work in offices for the companies, they work for the good. Whereas Unethical hackers are not really hackers they are Scammers who try to manipulate and take advantage of the people, firms and Government. Now as they mostly do illegal work they have to hide themselves.

Now take in note that Group Like Anonymous, says that they are ethical hackers though in government terms they do illegal works so they have to hide themselves from the government agencies.

In this course you will learn how to become anonymous using below tools and techniques,

1. Tor: Tor Browser prevents someone watching your connection from knowing what websites you visit. The Tor Browser is a web broswer that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network, making it easy to protect your identity online.

2. Vpns: VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks. It will encrypt your connection

3. Proxy: A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet for anonymity

4. Opsec:OPSEC (operations security) is a security and risk management process and strategy that classifies information, then determines what is required to protect identity

5. Kali Linux: This is a linux based os and mostly used for hacking

This course will teach you theory and also practical knowledge of becoming anonymous online! See you inside.

The Anonymity Course For Beginners
Anonymity guide for beginners. Learn VPN, Tor, OPSEC & much more!
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