The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2023

The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2023

The “Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2023” is a comprehensive course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. This course covers all the essential topics, including data modeling, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

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The curriculum is designed to take students from beginners to advanced users of the platform, with hands-on exercises and real-world examples that reinforce the concepts covered throughout the course.

By the end of this course, students will have gained practical experience working with SAP Analytics Cloud and be able to use it to solve real-world business problems. Whether you’re an aspiring data analyst or a seasoned professional, this course is an excellent resource for anyone looking to master SAP Analytics Cloud in 2023.

The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2023 Description

Become an SAP Analytics Cloud master by setting up BI, planning, and making prediction through real-world projects

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SAP analytics cloud consultant is one of the hottest careers in tech. Have you ever wondered what’s the best path for me or what’s my first step in building a technical career in SAP business analysis?

I’m going to take you through the process of understanding how to use SAP analytics cloud. Whether you’re looking to discover the core BI features or use planning module at work, this course will get you ready to plan and start to use SAP analytics cloud quickly.

In this course, we will dive into the SAP analytics cloud offerings and the level of subscription that each entail. Then we will look at how to use this app to explore and visualize your data from scratch, as well as which smart assist features will work best for your situation.

We will explore the various system admin tools that can be used to manage files and deploy content.

You will learn how to develop custom app in SAP analytics hub and understand the steps to create a new digital boardroom, as well as how to store your reporting and create a solution to ensure that your company’s on premises data is protected in the cloud.

Finally, we’ll focus on planning model including budgets allocation, forecast, what if analysis and a lot more.

The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2022
Learn to create stories, plans, digital boardroom, analytic apps, and make predictions in SAC. Data source included.
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