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The Invaluable Benefits of integrity

The Invaluable Benefits of integrity

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Improve Your Self Confidence
  • Learn tips to build your self confidence
  • How to Develop Personality
  • How to Communicate Effectively


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Act confident: the best way to develop courage in front of an audience is to act as if you already have it. It also helps to take a few deep breaths before you begin speaking, to get the oxygen flowing to your brain. Stand tall, look your audience in the eyes, and don’t fidget.

About Mehreen Siddiqui & Alexis Lenihan

Mehreen Siddiqui is a Certified High Performance Coach and John Maxwell Trainer and Facilitator. She is the CEO of Goal Set Coach, co-founder of the non-profit organization, SEEMA, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. With more than 15 years of experience in Corporate America and with Fortune 500 companies, Mehreen has coached corporate leaders and business owners in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Alexis Lenihan is a Certified High Performance Coach and Coach Practitioner. As one of only 1000 coaches worldwide, trained and certified by The High Performance Institute, she is a leading authority on the habits and practices of High Performers. Her training and leadership has helped team leaders, business owners, professional speakers, and coaches to transform radical ideas into actionable plans for growth. She is a dynamic professor with the Mckeil School of Business at Mohawk College, in addition to running her personal development business, Shiftstorm.

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The Invaluable Benefits of integrity
Learn tips to build your self confidence.
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