Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023

Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023

The Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023 is an intensive course that provides a comprehensive understanding of data science and R programming. The course covers all the essential concepts, tools, and techniques required to become a skilled data scientist using R. Students will learn how to use R programming to perform data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. They will also learn how to work with different data formats, perform data cleaning, and manipulation.

In addition, the course will cover statistical analysis, data modeling, and visualization, providing students with a complete understanding of the data science process. Upon completion of the course, students will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to build a successful career in data science.

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Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023 Description

Hello and Welcome to the exciting world of the R programming language.

# The R Programming For Data Science A-Z Complete Diploma 2022

R is one of the most powerful programming languages, for statistical computing and graphical presentation to analyze and visualize data.

In this course, I’m going to show you how to code with R from the R basics to the R advanced concepts.

Also, you will explore how the R programming language can be used today for data analysis and the production of beautiful data visualizations and graphics.

The best part? Every single topic and tool in this course will be explained theoretically and practically with real examples step by step.

This course will cover all the R essentials needed for everyone such as:

  • The R working tools and environment for professionals
  • The R syntax and how to explain and describe the code using comments
  • Variables, Values and assignments
  • All the Data types available in R.
  • Performing mathematical operations, type conversion built-in functions and many useful built-in functions for math operations.
  • Working with collection of characters and strings in R, also essential character operations
  • Logical values and Booleans.
  • Handling different operations on variables and values by using different types of operators.
  • All the Data Structures in R such as vectors, lists, matrices, data frames and factorsAnd also all the essential operations for these data structures.
  • decision making by using conditional statements in R.
  • Repeat block of code and iterate over collections with loops.
  • Functional programming and code reusing.
  • Statistics and data analysis concepts: datasets, many built-in functions, techniques and tools for statistical operations.
  • Graphics and data visualizations in R: drawing points, line plotting, pie charts, bar charts, histograms and more.

You will learn and understand all these concepts and more.

R is free open source, and very widely used by professional statisticians and data scientists.

It is also very popular in certain application areas, including bioinformatics. R is a dynamically typed interpreted language, and is typically used interactively. It has many built-in functions and libraries, and is extensible, allowing users to define their own functions and procedures using R, C or Fortran. It also has a simple object system. So, it’s really powerful!

Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023
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