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Transportation System Planning Fundamentals

Transportation System Planning Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

  • Overall foundation on Transportation System Planning Process
  • Different Aspects to Transportation Planning (Transit, Roads, Freight etc)
  • Management and Operation
  • Asset Management


  • Basic Math


Transportation System Planning Fundamentals is a comprehensive video course where you can learn industry specific knowledge about system planning such as that found in the transportation industry.

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I have handcrafted this course to allow students to acquire core fundamental knowledge on how to develop the key knowledge needed to do effective strategic decision making throughout the transportation planning process.

I will teach you the basic concepts of the transportation planning framework as well as different bits and pieces on how to create an effective transportation plan. I will also go over the management and operations of the transportation system so that you will have a solid understanding as to how the transportation system functions.

If you are a professional who are interested to work as planner for the transportation industry, you will find this course of great help to get the fundamental knowledge you need to enhance your professional career.

This course can help you to get an advantage at work or getting a job as it gives you core knowledge in Transportation System Planning that you would not have otherwise obtain unless you have worked in the industry. And knowledge is power.

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So let’s get started! Let’s start your fulfilling journey and mark an important point of your phenomenal career in this industry!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals who are interested to work as planner for the Transportation Industry
  • People who just got a job as a Transportation Planner
  • Students who are interested in how the planning process work.
Transportation System Planning Fundamentals
Learn about the Transportation System Planning Concepts with this Course!
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