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APMG AgilePM® Foundation Level Certification Practice Tests

Agile PM Project Management Foundation, mock exams, with explanations to the answers and references to the DSDM Handbook
Anshuman Bezborah
1,061 students enrolled
The students will be able to check their readiness for the official AgilePM® Foundation Exam.
Identify and work on the areas that need improvement
Boost confidence and be prepared for the Official Exam
Free Self-Study tips on the landing page (even without enrolling!!) :)
Get familiar with the official format of the exam and the questions

This is a bundle of practice tests, to help you be better prepared and be more confident for the actual AgilePM® Foundation Level Examination (it’s not a training/course). In addition, you’ll find Free tips (further down the description below) on self-study and how to save on the massive fees, that the training/coaching organizations charge.  Whether you’re self-studying for the official exam or looking for just another set of practice tests to check, where you currently stand with your preparations, this test-bundle will definitely add value to your preparation.

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This test-bundle contains:

  • One Mock test in the official Format (50 questions | 40 minutes exam duration | 50% to pass)
  • 4 bonus practice tests on the following areas/chapters (expect many “easy scoring” questions from these areas, in the official exam):
    1. DSDM Process & Principles
    2. DSDM Products
    3. DSDM Roles & Responsibilities
    4. MoSCoW & Timeboxing

What you’ll gain by enrolling:

1. Get to practice with an Official Format (50 questions | 40 minutes exam duration | 50% to pass) exam, comprising of meticulously composed/compiled, questions on DSDM, tailored to the foundation level of the APMG’s  AgilePM® certification examination. This exam comprehensively covers all the key areas/chapters of the DSDM Handbook and the questions are phrased in the actual AgilePM® Foundation exam format.

2. A good majority of the questions are based on the author’s memory of the Official Exam! Be assured — it’s not a blatant copy of the mock test available in the APMG website. On the contrary, it complements the other mock tests, already available online.

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3.  After each practice test in this bundle, you’ll be able to view the correct answers marked with explanation and references (and URL links) to the Official DSDM Handbook (available for free online) from the non-profit Agile Business Consortium.

4. Included, 4 bonus practice tests, to test your grasp in the areas/chapters, that contribute to a good percentage of “easy scoring” questions in the Official exam.

5. All the questions are in the Official Exam format and are based on the Official DSDM Handbook.

6. This practice test will help you evaluate where your knowledge and exam preparation currently stands and which areas/chapters need more of your attention/focus to improve your chances on passing the official exam in the first attempt.

7. And last but not the least, the self-study and the money saving tips below (they are for free, does not require enrollment; just read below! 🙂):


Self-Study and Money Saving Tips:

  • The difficulty level of APMG’s AgilePM® exam is not very high (almost the same level as that of the practice test available in the APMG’s official website).
  • If you can score above 80% in this mock test bundle and also in the mock test available in APMG’s website, you have a very good chance that you’ll pass the official exam in the first attempt (the pass percentage is 50%). It’s always advisable to make improvements on the weak areas and try to score close to 100% in the mock tests, before sitting for the official exam.
  • Absolute Self-Study is entirely possible for the foundation exam. All the questions are based on the material available in the DSDM Hanbook. If you have a fair understanding of the general aspects of project management and even better, have prior exposure to DSDM or any other popular Agile Framework, you do not need those expensive training (at least for the foundation level) to prepare for and pass the exam.
  • If you have experience with agile and a fair understanding of other project management approaches (even the traditional ones), many of the questions in the exam could just be answered with  common sense and pragmatism (the 2 main ingredients, which the DSDM philosophy is based on! :)).
  • If you’re self-studying, there’s a great way to save money on the exam fee (not just the training). There are Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who can sell the official exam vouchers for a discounted price. I cannot advertise them here 🙂 but you can find them on google. Just make sure to verify, if they are listed as accredited training organizations in APMG’s website. I purchased mine for a price ~31% cheaper than the official price!
  • And by the way, I passed my Foundation Exam on the first attempt, purely based on self study, with a score of 48/50 (96%).
  • Best of luck for your exam!
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APMG AgilePM® Foundation Level Certification Practice Tests

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