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English Conversation – Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Learn How to Boost Your English Fluency When it Comes to Having an English Conversation
Shervin House
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In this course we learn how to speak like a native speaker
We learn how to minimize our accent and speak like a native
We learn how to structure sentences
We learn how to speak our mind in English instead of translating in our head from another language
We learn useful idioms and expressions that are commonly used
We learn street talk, including slangs and informal speech
We learn how to communicate better by knowing exactly what to enunciate

Hi , my name is Shervin House. I am a best-selling instructor, and in this course I will be teaching you how to improve your English conversation skills by learning how to speak like a native English speaker.


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As an immigrant myself, I learned English as a second language when I was a teenager, and at first I always struggled to converse like a native English speaker. I hard trouble pronouncing words properly, I had a bit of am accent, I struggled with translating my thoughts in real time and as a result, it was difficult for me to keep up in any conversation. As someone who experienced this first hand, I know how discouraging it can be to struggle when it comes to speaking and communicating with others, which is why I decided to put together this course where I share with you how I improved my English conversation by giving you practical steps that you can follow easily.


In this course, I will help you improve in many different aspects of conversation. We first start by fixing common pronounciation errors in order to help you transform your accent to as close to the native speakers as possible. We will then focus on learning important transition words in order to better sustain a conversation by connecting sentences and ideas together. As well as this, we will go over important idioms and expressions that you must know and be able to use on a day to day basis. We will learn the differences between formal and informal speech, as well as the fundementals of street talk. And last but certainly not least, I will help you transform the way you speak in English, so that instead of translating your thoughts from another language to English, you start thinking and thereby speaking in English.

By the end of this course, you will not only learn key fundamentals that will massively improve your conversation skills, but I will also share with you how to get in the habit of always learning and improving by paying attention to your surroundings.

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English Conversation - Improve Your English Speaking Skills

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