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First Timers Guide to Approach A Girl – Basic Do’s & Don’ts

A shy guys guide to approaching girls for friendship or long-term relationship. What to do & What not to. (Only for 18+)
Amin Sherani
3,502 students enrolled
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Realizing self confidence.
Believing in yourself
Initiating conversations with a girl
Continuing Conversations
Maintaining Contact to build a long-term relationship

If you want to start conversations with girls in different environments, get their phone numbers or add them on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat, and begin dating them, then this is the course for you.

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This course focuses on the basic question every guy has to get things going for him with a girl; be it the start of a friendship or the first step to a blossoming relationship; in different scenarios from parties to your empty high school corridors; and the different types of girls, be it shy or the obnoxious kind. This course addresses that very first step to give you a direction and getting you set for the path you’d wish to go down. Have a look at the questions below!

  • Do you often feel pressured when you think about approaching an attractive-looking girl in public? Or even in a one-on-one situation?
  • Do you brush off the entire idea with thoughts that’d end up demeaning you as not being good enough?
  • Or, for the fear that the entire thing would end up in an awkward or hurtful manner?
  • Do you often feel just too shy to do anything about it and end up regretting your decision?
  • And what to do and what not to do when you do approach her and how to stay in touch with her?



    If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, then you’ve come to the right course that’ll guarantee an improvement in your first impressions and self-confidence game. Welcome to A First-Timers Guide to Approach Girls – The Basic Dos and Don’ts.

We will bring you the tips and tricks of overcoming one of the biggest fears every guy has in approaching a girl. We’ll be working on your self-confidence building, the “game plan” when going in, some basic gentleman rules as in how to behave, what things to talk about, and so forth and we hope that by the end of this course you’ll have a more realistic outlook of reading situations, realizing your own self worth and overcoming this rooted fear that’ll enable you to see that there’s absolutely nothing to be fearful or nervous about when dealing with a girl for the first time.

On to the course, it’ll be divided into three segments: before, during, and after, signifying the three stages you’ll go through of the entire process. There are also some miscellaneous lectures specifically dedicated to where the most issues arise in these situations. You won’t have to worry about prerequisites, there are no prerequisites here, the only one you’ll need is the desire and will to change your current situation, and with enough time, practice, and learning and we’re sure you’ll stand out from the rest when it comes to introducing yourself, being friends with or when making first impressions with a female. And we surely hope you’ll see this course paying off for you.

So, go ahead and enroll yourself and we’ll see you in the course!


Age Restrictions: Learners may only enroll in this course if they are at least 18 years of age.

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First Timers Guide to Approach A Girl - Basic Do

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