Minor Adjustments Program “Anywhere but Backward”

We work with Substance Use Disorders, Rehabilitation, Criminal Lifestyles, Re-entry, Motivation and Counselling
Michael L. Williams, Jr
723 students enrolled
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We will inspire you, motivate you, and lead you to your true PURPOSE in life.
You'll be empowered Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Relationally.
You'll be able to differentiate between Obtaining and Maintaining your Sobriety and a Productive lifestyle.
You'll learn how to make the necessary Minor Adjustments.
You'll identify new methods and opportunities for personal growth.
You'll learn the importance of going Forward to your PURPOSE and not Backward to your Addiction.
How Information PLUS Application EQUALS your Destination.
You'll learn about making a contribution verse committing to your Recovery Process.

We are dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes. Our primary purpose is to teach men or women how to make the “Minor Adjustments” that are necessary for their lives, which will allow them to ‘OBTAIN’ and ‘MAINTAIN’ a productive lifestyle after incarceration or rehabilitation!

To obtain our ‘FREEDOM/SOBRIETY’ is easy; our challenge is to maintain it.

To ‘OBTAIN’ means: to come into possession of;

• To ‘MAINTAIN’ means: to keep into existence;

Our Motto is: Anywhere but Backward!

The Minor Adjustments Program is an 8 – Lesson course (not counting the Mission Statement, and the Anywhere but Backwards sections), during that time the instructors and the students will go through “The Minor Adjustments Work Book” that will help strengthen, and build up their confidence and give them hope.

The purpose of this workbook is to teach you how to ‘Allow Your Past to Push You into Your Destiny’ we aim to try and take the brokenness that people sometimes feel or have inside due to being incarcerated or in rehabilitation and use it to push them into something greater!

This course is Self-Paced and once you complete the course if you would like to possibly run a group of the Minor Adjustments Program in your location, simply contact the founders.

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