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Motion Graphics Secrets:Animation Principle in After Effects

Master Animation in Adobe After Effects. Add Character and Gain Full Control of Your Animation.
Hongshu Guo
2,026 students enrolled
Pro Level After Effects Animation
Master Motion Graphics in After Effects
Add Character to Your Animation
Gain Full Control of You Animation
Motion Graphics Secrets
Animation Principles
Value Graph in Graph Editors
Speed Graph in Graph Editors
Animate with Oscillation
How to apply Anticipation and Overshoot
Animate bouncing animation
How to apply Squash and Stretch
What is Secondary animation
Follow Through in animation
After Effects tips and tricks
After Effects keyboards shortcuts
Best animation techniques to date
After Effects best practices
How to think as an animator
How to approach project with animation principles
How to animate like a hero
You will learn how to make 4 real client projects
Complete Workflow on How to animate illustration in After Effects
Pro level Logo and Icon Animation in After Effects
Animate Explainer videos in After Effects From Storyboard to Animation
Character Rigging and automating walk cycle with no keyframes
And more content with regular updates.

This course is made for beginner and intermediate animators who want to bring their skills to the next level, start animating professionally in After Effects

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By the end of this course, you will not only be a great animator but also a professional animator.

We will start the course with secrets of great motion graphics. Animation principles that’s essential to modern motion graphics.

you will learn the #1 most important principle in all animation, which is “timing and spacing”

Next, we will cover how to animate with the graph editors.

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You will learn how to use speed graph and value graph to gain full control of you animation

You will learn how to animate with ease.

You will learn how to apply some of the more advanced animation principles

You will learn how to animate with Oscillation in real project

You will learn how to apply anticipation and overshoot

You will learn how to animate ball bounce, balls with different weights

You will learn how to animate in more complex bouncing scene with graph editors.

You will learn how to apply squash and stretch to your animation

You will learn follow through in 4 project examples

You will learn what is secondary animation

You will learn the best animation techniques to date

You will learn After Effects keyboard shortcuts

You will learn professional workflow tips and tricks

You will learn After Effects best practices.

Other than all of these, there will be 4 real projects that I will be demonstrating from scratch all with original working files.

You will learn step by step how to animate illustration in After Effects

You will learn how to animate logos and icons in After Effects.

You will learn how to animate a explainer video from coming up with a storyboard to the final render of the animation.

Lastly I will show you the simplest way to build a character rig and automate a character walk cycle without any keyframes.

Something that’s more advanced but essential to motion graphics.

There are a total of 16 projects examples that I am demonstrating and 10 new exciting assignments for you to work on. By the end of the course, you should have a bunch of new animation pieces to put on your demo reel or portfolio and ready to get work immediately.

Don’t forget to download the project files to follow along.

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