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Video Editing And Color Grading In Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Video Editing And Color Grading In Adobe Premiere Pro CC


  • No previous experience required
  • Just some curiosity to learn new skills are required


In this course students will learn complete process of  color grading in adobe premiere pro cc . They will learn all the essentials perks required to become an expect video editor . In this course we will start with a basic color grading sample in which we will color correct and improve the quality and look of a video . Then we will save the color grading as our own preset . We will also learn about the process of transferring color grading to other video without making the preset . Later we will learn various panels like basic panel , creative panel , curves panel etc . We will also create a horror scene by just using some color grading and speed variation tricks .We will process furthur by editing and color grading a vlog video and interview video to match the required color grading standards .

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Key points to learn from this course :

1) Color correction of a video

2) Transferring color grading parameters to other videos efficiently

3) Making custom color grading presets

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4) Learning various color grading panels

5) Editing and color grading a complete vlog video

6) Editing and color grading an interview video

And the best part about this course is that it is complete follow along course . All the steps from start to end will happen in front of your eyes in a detailed manner for complete understanding of the process . So what are you waiting for ? Start your course today

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who just started video editing
  • Intermediate editors who want to polish their skills
  • Advanced editors who want to master the concept of color grading
Video Editing And Color Grading In Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Upgrade Your Color Grading Skills And Become An Expert Video Editor In Adobe Premier Pro CC
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