Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python

Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python

The Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python course is a comprehensive program that provides students with a deep understanding of databases and their implementation using Python. The course covers the basics of relational databases, including SQL and MySQL, and provides an in-depth understanding of how to work with SQLite and MongoDB. Students will learn how to design, create, and manage databases, perform data modeling, and write advanced SQL queries.

Additionally, the course covers database connectivity with Python, enabling students to use Python libraries to interact with different databases. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in using Python to work with databases, and they will be well-prepared to build database-driven applications and pursue a career in software development or data analysis.

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Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python Course Description

Hello and welcome to the Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python Course.

Using and manipulating databases is one of the most important and powerful skills that every developer should master well, because it is in great demand in the market constantly and with high salaries.

So, if you want to be a professional developer, engineer or data scientist, it is very important to be familiar with dealing with databases of all kinds.

In this course, you will learn how to use different types of databases with the Python programming language, from beginning to professionalism. You will master the use of SQL through MySQL and SQLite, and Also NoSQL through MongoDB.

A database is a structured collection of data. It may be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or a place to hold the vast amounts of information in a corporate network.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle that is based on structured query language (SQL).

MySQL is open source, flexible, high performance, secure, and easy to use.

What is SQLite?

SQLite is a software library that provides a relational database management system. The lite in SQLite means lightweight in terms of setup, database administration, and required resources.

SQLite has the following noticeable features: self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database management program used for large sets of distributed data.

Organizations can use Mongo DB for its ad-hoc queries, indexing, load balancing, aggregation, server-side execution and other features.

Hi, my name is Ahmed Ibrahim. I’m a software engineer and Data Science Professional, and I’ll be the instructor for this course.

If you have any questions during this course, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Databases with Python: MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB with Python
Learn and understand how to work with SQL and NoSQL Databases with the Python Programming Language.
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